IgnatianQ Conference, Santa Clara U

THIS WEEKEND (April 21-23) at Santa Clara University, CA (Silicon Valley) — I’ll be speaking, dialoguing, helping, and interacting for the annual IgnatianQ conference.

More details below. Say ‘hi!’ if you’re there!

IgnatianQ is a sincere effort to promote collaborative partnerships between LGBT students, allies, and faculty in bringing Ignatian spirituality into reflection with the actual experiences of queer Catholics.

As I stressed in my previous post, it is imperative that the Church not speak for us as divergent and abstract categories, more or less destine for the heresy slush pile, but as authentic persons seeking to live our Catholic faith in an orthodox way.

Encounter weekends such as these are excellent opportunities to meet, share, learn, and build a more productive, inclusive, and charitably aware faith practices at Ignatian universities across the world. The theme is finding q-munity, which I can personally assure you is a beneficial mercy from God — spiritual friendship — for developing our Catholic faith cooperatively through each other and Christ.

Going to Mass as a visibly trans-person is an anxious, disconcerting, and just altogether scary experience. Having caring folks helps keep one’s feet on healthy soil.

Indeed, it should be a hashtag! #IllGoToMassWithYou . . . “I’ll go to Mass with you!” We should make that invitation open to everyone, especially those who need fellowship and solidarity in Jesus — the marginalized, mums stuggling to rustle kids in the communion line, PwD, and trans . . . we all could do with a smiling face in the pews

See you there! I’ll be speaking! (As you can guess, the Catholic trans contingent is extremely small, so we gotta speak up!)

These are the moments as trans Catholics to FINALLY have someone listen to our point of view. For our part, we must do our best to demonstrate ourselves as knowledgeable, affirming, loving Catholics, who also happen to be trans, and aren’t ashamed.


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